Why Regulate Waste Mercury Lamps?

All mercury lamps contain small amounts of mercury. An electric current passes through the lamp and vaporizes the mercury to generate light.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulates the disposal of waste mercury lamps because mercury is toxic to people and to the environment.

* Mercury is Toxic to People: Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin that affects every aspect of brain and nerve function. It can cause tremors, memory loss, mental impairment, and many other complications in the nervous system. Mercury is especially dangerous to the developing fetus as it impairs brain development, resulting in lowered intelligence and other brain deficits.

* Mercury is Toxic to the Environment: Bacteria from river and estuary bottom sediments produce a highly toxic form of mercury through a process called “methylation”. The methylated mercury accumulates in aquatic organisms, making the fish from those bodies of water dangerous to eat.

Numerous bodies of water in America are the subject of fish consumption advisories. These range from limiting the intake of some fish to one serving every few weeks, to avoiding the consumption of any fish from specific locations.

For these resons as well as other environmental issues Advanced Lamps will offer to dispose properly of your spent assembly in a monthly disposal run that we have coordinated with the proper authority. To dispose of yor lamp properly and humanely, please send to the following address, the package MUST be addressed exactly as written:

994 N. Colony Road #327

Thank you for helping to keep our environment safe!